The three silence of the night

At an inn near the highway ruled a silence, a triple silence.
A silence more obvious was formed by the words that could have been said that night, for the inconclusive phrases that hung in the air throughout the entire day. If we would have swallowed our pride those moments would not have been ones of discomfort. If we would have left behind the damages, laughing and drinking, perhaps our union would have managed to fill that silence. If there would have been music, but no, of course there was no music, we did not allow any of this, due to that  pride so heavy that we have been building, and because of that, the silence continued.

In the room you chose to sleep, without saying a word, the sound of your breathing was heavy, it was the sound of the second silence.
A silence that emerged from the first silence, that made it stronger, more painful, deeper!
A endless string of words that could have been spoken, and that were lost beneath the moonless night.

The third silence was not easy to recognize, if you spent an hour listening then maybe you could begin to notice it.
It was a dense and dark silence. The silence belonged to a man that walked beneath the moonless sky leaving behind the woman he loves without will to fight for her.
He was in slow motion walking through the icy city, his thoughts were fuzzy from the alcohol, he was hidden behind his soul, and locked within his mind.

The mans eyes were black as night, lacking of shine like moonless sky, he moved with the subtle certainty of those who know much.

The darkness was his along with the third silence. That’s how it should be, for of all that was the greatest and involved the rest.
It was deep, and heavy. It was the sound of the void that echoed in his heart. The silence of a man who has left in freedom the woman he loves.

Based on the book “The name of the wind”

Una respuesta to “The three silence of the night”

  1. Gracias por invitarme a escribir he alucinado con tu artículo no te conocía te empiezo a seguir hoy.

    Enhorabuena tienes un sitio super interesante Gracias por compartir con todos.


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